In the Community

When owner Tom Gores took over the franchise in 2011, he made no secret about his desire to make an impact on the lives of people in Michigan by using the Detroit Pistons and Palace Sports & Entertainment as a community asset. The Come Together program celebrates individuals making an impact in their communities while strategically collaborating with charitable organizations to raise awareness and provide financial support in areas of volunteerism, youth leadership and NBA league sponsored programs.

  • The Game Changer program activates year-round and assists Pistons players with charitable endeavors
  • The Pistons 50/50 Payday fundraiser, executed at every home Pistons game, raises money and awareness for community groups and their causes
  • Pistons players continue to support NBA Cares programs including Fit Week, Green Week, Hoops for Troops and Black History Month

"Excitement and enjoyment has filled the halls of Coleman A. Young Elementary because of the work the Pistons have done. Thank you for supporting the work others do in the community and thank you for changing these lives!"
Pistons Membership Programs

Create memorable experiences for your family, friends and clients as a full or half season ticket member. Enjoy year-round exclusive benefits and invitations to private member events. Your dedicated Member Service Manager will deliver a first-class, customized experience each time you walk into The Palace. Pistons Red continues to evolve based on your feedback. Your preferred benefits that will continue to be offered include:

  • Member discounts
    • 20% off at concession stands
    • 30% off at The Locker Room Store
    • Member rates on additional single game tickets and single event suites
  • Presale information for concerts and events at all Palace Sports & Entertainment venues
  • An enhanced Pistons Rewards Program for the 2014-15 season

Club members enjoy Pistons Red benefits as well as an extended list of unique ways to entertain at The Palace. The club provides ideal views of the action from lower level, center court seats. Club members can relax with increased amenities such as private restrooms, elevators, coat checks and these additional benefits:

  • Personalized parking for increased convenience
  • All-inclusive fine dining in your choice of United Shore Club West or Pistons VIP Club
  • Ability to purchase reserved seats for concerts and events at The Palace

"It's refreshing to visit The Palace after a hard day's work to just sit back and have a great time. The staff members are uplifting with their excitement. I recommend season tickets for a fun, relaxing time out, and love all the events that are offered to the season ticket members."
Sharon M., Pistons Red Member

"I love being a club member because it gives me the ability to get here early and relax. I can come to the club, enjoy a few beverages with my friends in a private, quiet, and peaceful atmosphere before we make our way down to the game. Not to mention the food is delicious!"
Member Benefits

Pistons Rewards
Two-hour early entry to arena
Merchandise discount (30% off)
Concession discount (20% off)
Ticket exchange program
Single game suite discounts
Single game member pricing
Cheer Now, Pay Later playoff payments
Priority access to purchase additional playoff tickets
Concert presales
Pistons Draft Party
Pistons Spotlight autograph event
State of the Pistons events (including tip-off and end of season)
Pistons Academy Kids Clinic
Pistons seat relocation event
Inside access to Detroit Pistons video content
Exclusive membership e-mail communication
Complimentary Courtside Quarterly subscription
Member website
Reserved personalized parking
All-inclusive dining experience
Private restrooms, elevators and coat check
Ability to purchase reserved concert seats
"Year in and year out, the Pistons make their season ticket members a priority. This is clearly evident through the parties, discounts and perks that are provided. These benefits not only provide a very affordable family outing, but their unique events unrivaled by other pro sports organizations. The Pistons focus on making each game an experience that provides something for the entire family. With the game, dance teams and halftime shows there is no down time at a Pistons game!"

Every Member is unique. The Pistons Rewards Program puts you in the driver seat to secure additional tickets to see your favorite opponent, meet a Pistons Legend, or be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Get rewarded for your loyalty, attendance and spend on game day.

More points. More prizes. More experiences.

"As a season ticket member, I really appreciate the extra benefit of the Pistons Rewards program. There are great prizes, which are constantly updated so there is always something to check out!"
Seating & Pricing
Seating Map
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Seating Map

Seat Location Full Season 1/2 Season
Center Club $7,399 $3,999
Lower Sideline$4,499$2,419
Mid Sideline/Center$3,099$1,699
Lower Riser/Corner$2,699$1,449
Lower End$1,049$569
Upper Center$929$499
Upper Corner$719$379
Upper End$349$179
* October 9, 20147:30 PM Milwaukee Bucks
November 1, 20147:30 PM Brooklyn Nets
November 7, 20147:30 PM Milwaukee Bucks
November 17, 20147:30 PM Orlando Magic
November 19, 20147:30 PM Phoenix Suns
November 26, 20147:30 PM LA Clippers
November 30, 20143:30 PM Golden State Warriors
December 7, 20146:00 PM Oklahoma City Thunder
December 9, 20147:30 PM Portland Trailblazers
December 17, 20147:30 PM Dallas Mavericks
January 9, 20157:30 PM Atlanta Hawks
January 14, 20157:30 PM New Orleans Pelicans
January 17, 20157:30 PM Philadelphia 76ers
January 27, 20157:30 PM Cleveland Cavaliers
February 3, 20157:30 PM Miami Heat
February 8, 20156:00 PM Minnesota Timberwolves
February 22, 20153:30 PM Washington Wizards
February 27, 20157:30 PM New York Knicks
March 8, 20156:00 PM Charlotte Hornets
March 21, 20157:30 PM Chicago Bulls
March 24, 20157:30 PM Toronto Raptors
April 10, 20157:30 PM Indiana Pacers
* October 7, 20147:30 PM Chicago Bulls
* October 23, 20147:30 PM Philadelphia 76ers
November 5, 20147:30 PM New York Knicks
November 9, 20146:00 PM Utah Jazz
November 28, 20147:30 PM Milwaukee Bucks
December 2, 20147:30 PM LA Lakers
December 6, 20147:30 PM Philadelphia 76ers
December 19, 20147:30 PM Toronto Raptors
December 26, 20147:30 PM Indiana Pacers
January 4, 20156:00 PM Sacramento Kings
January 10, 20157:30 PM Brooklyn Nets
January 21, 20157:30 PM Orlando Magic
January 31, 20157:30 PM Houston Rockets
February 6, 20157:30 PM Denver Nuggets
February 11, 20157:30 PM San Antonio Spurs
February 20, 20157:30 PM Chicago Bulls
February 24, 20157:30 PM Cleveland Cavaliers
March 17, 20157:30 PM Memphis Grizzlies
March 31, 20157:30 PM Atlanta Hawks
April 4, 20157:30 PM Miami Heat
April 8, 20157:30 PM Boston Celtics
April 12, 20153:30 PM Charlotte Hornets
* Preseason game
Purchase Payment Options
  • Autocharge payment plan: Three equal payments that will automatically be charged on your credit card at the time of renewal and on September 1 and October 1.
  • Pay in full: A single payment via check, credit card or cash at the time of renewal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of Pistons Memberships exist?
A: We have several types of Membership to fit all budgets and schedules:

  • Pistons Black Membership
    • Courtside full and half season tickets packages
    • Automatically includes an all-inclusive dining experience in an exclusive club space
  • Pistons Red Membership
    • Arena seating for full and half season ticket plans
    • Available with or without an all-inclusive dining experience in an exclusive club space
  • Pistons Blue Membership
    • 10-game ticket packages
  • Palace Royal Membership
    • Packages that include full season Pistons tickets and every concert and event held at The Palace
    • Available with or without an all-inclusive dining experience in an exclusive club space

Q: Any extra perks for buying a Pistons Membership?
A: Incentives for buying a Pistons Membership include:

  • Member discounts at merchandise locations and concession stands
  • Additional discounts on Pistons tickets and suites
  • Private Membership events throughout the season
  • Access to the Pistons Rewards Program

Q: Do you have flexible payment plans?
A: Payment options include: Autocharge: Three equal payments that will automatically be charged on your credit card at the time of purchase and September 1 and October 1. Pay-in-full: A single payment by check or credit card that is completed at the time of purchase.

Q: What is the Pistons Rewards Program?
A: The Pistons Rewards Program launched in the fall of 2013. This program allows our Members to accumulate points that can be redeemed for experiences, merchandise, and other great prizes! To start earning points, purchase a Membership! You'll automatically earn points for your tenure, seat location and attendance over the past season. Throughout the season, you'll also earn points for attending events, purchasing merchandise and concessions, and more!

Q: How do I get my discounts on game day for merchandise and concessions?
A: You will receive Pistons Rewards Cards in the fall of 2014 that will give you discounts at The Locker Room Store and Palace concession stands. Simply scan these at the time of purchase to redeem your eligible discounts and accrue Pistons Rewards Points.

Q: What are the Member discounts for Pistons suites and additional single game tickets?
A: Pistons Black and Red Members receive a discount on Pistons suites and additional single game tickets. Discounts will be announced upon the release of the 2014-15 schedule.

Q: What are concert presales?
A: Concert presales are offered to Pistons Members for upcoming concerts and events at The Palace and DTE. These are sent via email the week of an on-sale and typically give Members access to purchase tickets using a pre-sale code one day prior to the general public.

Q: How can I learn more about my Membership?
A: This summer, you'll be introduced to your new Member Service Manager. This individual will answer all of your questions about your 2014-15 Membership and work to customize your Pistons experience. You'll also receive an invitation to a fall Rookie Orientation event to learn more about your new Membership!

Q: What is the Member website?
A: Members can find up to date information on upcoming events, season ticket programs and policies at

Q: What is Courtside Quarterly?
A: Courtside Quarterly is a complimentary magazine subscription delivered to your home or office four times a year as a part of Pistons Black and Red Memberships.